Proof Google+ by far Superior for traffic.

 Proof Google+ by far Superior for traffic.

I wont be typing much here. Simply showing evidence. You hear Gplus is a graveyard yada yada. 

Be mindful of the text this is mainly proof via photos.

Well what if I told you I have 105k Twitter followers, 98k Twitter company followers, 34k Pinterest, Thousands on FB you name the network and 33k on gplus. What if I also told you that per post on gplus I average 19,121 views per post.

SO this post right here received 301,000 VIEWS

Equal to 17,000 per pin, 80,000 per tweet or 6,000  on every single FB post.  Not IMPRESSIONS VIEWS!


So in the 3 posts above and 2 below 370,000 views not likes or impressions etc etc but VIEWS.

Now why does this matter? Well simple in the caption of the photo you can add a link to direct people to where you want let’s say 20 percent go…well that is 180,000 just from these 20 posts. The post of the all seeing eye 154,000 views.





 Here let me show you I took 22 examples of my 3200 posts with 900,000 views total about 40,000 each leaving some behind with a lot more this is to make a point.



So 22 posts I selected 900,000 views. No other network even comes close. Graveyard??? Try Printing press. I sure am glad I went all in on gplus.

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