Why Tumblr is Worth $1.1 Billion

                   Why Tumblr is Worth $1.1 Billion


Do you use Tumblr?

Does your business? 

Do you know what it is? 

Is Tumblr really worth $1.1 billion?

My Tumblr just getting going!

Same ballpark  Google paid for YouTube, but should Tumblr be in the same class?

110 percent YES!

Tumblr has, by far, a higher number of accounts than either Instagram or YouTube did  at time of purchase.

One of my many posts.

What about traffic? YouTube today averages over 1 billion monthly unique visitors. 

Tumblr averages 300 million unique visits each month.

A year after the Facebook acquisition, Instagram has 100 million monthly active users and has 70 percent  of the top brands in the world.
The largest companies in the world are using Instagram, in fact

before the buy it was roughly 40 top global brands now right at 70.

Tumblr  is right around the same number currently with 30, but without the photo focus that Instagram has, Tumblr has the potential to CRUSH that number in the future. 









Is Tumblr Going To Be Yahoo!’s YouTube?

  2 reasons that may help answer that.

1. Display Ads are getting better and better relative to search.

Display ads out-perform search ads in certain industries  It’s because the display ad targeting is getting so much smarter and because search ads are not cheap. 

2. Mobile Ads could be on the cusp of out-performing Desktop Ads.


Calls generated from mobile are 4x more likely to convert to sale than a desktop user filling out a “contact us” form. The view is mobile ad clicks will cost more than desktop clicks in the next 6-12 months.

Well you be the judge but I am all over it.

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