Due to the success and response I received from

Now this is good for whether you are a seller or want to become one.

I have decided to do a follow up in a different way. I spoke to 20 people from all over the world from the last article and one thing I picked up is that many were already sellers. After going over your accounts with you we figured out glaring issues that needed to be fixed that make all the difference in the world!!!

The key is this with my gigs they all show up first or on the first page of results, for example type in klout or instagram and you will find my gigs. How many people do you think scroll through the pages? The answer NO ONE!


OK THIS IS THE SEARCH TERM KLOUT THEN SORTED BY RATING 2 PHOTOS PART 1 As you can see 3 of my gigs right away in the red!


OK another 4 of my gigs first row of results I personally make up have of the results!

Well I have figured out how to get on the front page and STAY there and that my friends is the key. Think you can find out how to do it online or by yourself?, good luck it took me 5 months of 15 hr days to crack it.
That being said I will not give that information up for free it has a value to me and that value is 100 dollars. It will take me an hour on the phone with you to go over and you will need your pen, if you already have a fiverr account I will be going over it with you and we will be fixing it up on the call.


NEED MORE?? I now use the term instagram one of, if not the hottest and toughest keyword to rank on I RANK 11 TIMES on the first page!!! That is how I get 30 orders every day not just 5’s but well higher…

This is what I mean by first page I make up 7 of the first 14 results DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT THIS WOULD DO FOR YOU??? It is called non stop orders everyday and night. Look I can’t make this up if I wanted to so I just show the evidence and then offer how I did it for a fee.

So Imagine your gigs dominating your category like that what do you think might happen? I can tell you quit your day job and enjoy more money then you have ever made in your life!

 I support a family of 4 easily now life is so good no boss my own hours, I love it and I am charging what for this info 2 grand??? Oh wait 100 bucks what the hell are you waiting for? CONTACT ME FOR THE PHONECALL

AND for good measure I just DOMINATE GPLUS I OWN IT…Do you want to own your category??? Then set up the call and start making money.
 People tell me I should charge thousands for this and I know I should but for now 1 hr 100 dollars and then make 1000 the next week after my tips.

 Look I wouldn’t put this off the more people that call me faster will have that much of an advantage so buck up and CONTACT ME FOR THE PHONECALL See you on the winners side soon. Justin Matthew

Our company will blast your brand into the next level.
We represent multiple major corporations and they are available for references. [email protected]

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