The formula to 1 million blog views.

The formula to 1 million blog views.

Justin Matthew

March 2012 knowing nothing about the internet I decided to make a career from it. 

According to one source, there are more than 180 million blogs…

Most of these blogs get less than 900 visitors per month, and the harsh reality is, the majority of those blogs are, for lack of a better word, failures.

I ended up managing one of the most successful original you tube channels in the world HouseHoldhacker. Started in 2007 still making the viral videos today. 

It was a blast we ran a show called scientific Tuesdays and many more for almost 2 years. Currently the channel has about 2.3 million subs and safe to say with recent spots by Sprint, General Electric, Netflix etc they are well positioned for many years.

Looking at just 17 videos or so and seeing nearly 80 million views is pretty impressive. 

I mean seriously about 5 million views each. You realize AMC’s “Breaking Bad” wrapped its run with an average audience of 9.9 million  the best scores for this series.

AMC also scored with post-show “The Talking Dead,” which drew a series-record 5.1 million viewers  in adults 18-49 and that aired directly after the number 1 show in the country!

THAT is how powerful YouTube has become. Getting the views don;t have to pay the actors no set, costumes directors writers!!! If the youtuber has a god manager let me say they do well!

OK so I ended up using my brain and drive to earn a living online in MANY ways. Fiverr made a killing. Ebook consults you name it I did it.

OH and along the way I would write  little blog about the adventure. If I sold 300 gigs in a week on fiverr I showed you how, If I figured out a method I saw no one using I write about it. That is all and it led to what maybe 280 articles over 2 years.

Now keep in mind many were just about nonsense and barley got 100 views BUT the top 10% or 28 accounting for 800,000 views.

Like How to Get Viral Traffic Using Gplus

Or 10 Easy Ways To Increase Website traffic over 12,000.

You see I started my own social media marketing company off the massive success I was having online offering these services and simply writing about them.

SO I would research and then execute I mean I was getting 200 to 400 orders a week on fiverr ended up with over 16,000 so I learned EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING.

This article Top Free SEO Tools For Your Blog 15,000

Then I actually tell people how I made over 100,000 on fiverr 2 different times as you see below!

THERE YOU GO I simply wrote about what was selling to everyone You may see hashtags about Instagram now but

when I wrote it it took off 60,000 views. Now this blog is JMHHACKER

As hard work pays off I then sold a guide on Google Plus the 1st of its kind you see them ALL OVER now but this was THE 1st. I sold at least 2000 copies on fiverr for 14 bucks each it even hit top 25 on AMAZON.

Well I also had a smaller blog The JMHHACKER maybe 75 articles but 150,000 views! 

THAT then led to WP nothing special just importing some blogs changing them up a bit and sure enough a winner is a winner.

So as you can see from Youtube to fiverr to best selling e-books then to starting MSM and OSM and going on to land several corporate clients. 

I am still doing exactly what I did when I started. Mastering my craft staying sharp by writing about it and showing other anything is possible!

Justin Matthew


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