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5 Valuable Insights Can Gain From Klout Scores

Today, I don’t want to  focus on your score,   I want to take a look at the good points of Klout. Specifically, all of the useful things you can learn from their service.

Who is Well Known for a Particular Topics

Do you ever wonder who is popular for a particular topic on social media? WELL I AM FOR EVERY SINGLE TOPIC I CHOOSE WHY??? Klout allows you to see users who talk and are influential about specific topics. So I took the hottest of them all Pinterest. As you can see there is a spot to the right for the top 5 and then it goes downwards as far as 100. I am very happy with 5th overall in that topic.
But what is nice is that you don’t have to fully rely on Klout’s rating system. I like the Top +K Recipients. +K is a Klout voting system – other Klout users can give someone a +K if they think that person is influential on a specific topic. The only way to become influential in ANY topic is to have enough people give you a plus k in that topic over a period of time.
What it breaks down to is this – the top, most popular people on a topic will likely be listed as authorities on a topic, the Top +K Recipients voted on by there peers.

What You are Well Known For

Curious what you talk about the most on social media? Find out by signing in to your own account and going to the Topics section. Now I have the ability to delete my topics and add whatever topic I want. I have done that many times the downside is it erases all plus ks you received in the topic you deleted.
Here, you should find the topics that you targeting with your social media campaign near the top.
Since my main focus is Pinterest, YouTube, and Klout, the topics listed are on target as are some of the ones below it. But chances are, you will find some “stray” topics based on things you might have written about in the past. For example,a silly video made for fun about unicorns and now it is a topic!
If you see any stray topics that you don’t feel fit your profile, you can always click on the X next to the topic to remove it from your profile. I typically don’t remove any topics that I have received a +K for as those are obviously topics others know me for, but it is up to you.

Who Looks to You as an Authority and do you have enough?

Want to know who has voted for you by giving you a +K on a particular topic? You can see recent +K’s on your Topics list, but if you want to see a more detailed view, just go to your Notifications. You can access this by clicking on the Notifications icon in the top left menu bar of your account. To be honest I have days when I get 100 plus k so I can’t keep up but I do the best I can it it is obviously good enough look at the pictures below and my ranking.
While the history isn’t complete, you may be able to see notifications for the last 70 days worth of activity. Here, you can scroll through to see what users gave you +K on particular topics. You then need to log in daily and give those people a plus k back and start making klout lists to keep track
If you see someone you would like to thank in particular, or just share the fact that they gave you a +K, click on the share button next to that particular notification.
Or you can go to their profile, find their Twitter handle, and send them a customized Thank You message. This is a great way to engage with your fans!

Who You Influence on Twitter

Curious who you interact with the most on Twitter? Find out under the Influencer’s section.
Under mine it says I influence 14,000 other people directly and you can see some of the people you influence which may be the same on both ends.
Here, you can see the people you influence (probably the people who retweet you the most) and people your influenced by (probably the people you retweet the most). This area might give you an idea of who you need to pay closer attention to on Twitter and other social networks.

What Other Social Networks People Are On

Last, but not least, if you want to expand your network on other networks, Klout is a great place to find out what other social networks people belong to. Anyone who has signed into Klout’s network has the option to add their other social connections to their profiles.
So if you see someone listed anywhere in Klout, check out their Klout profile to find links to their other social networks. And if you want others to be able to easily connect with you, be sure to connect to your other networks including Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Instagram, Tumblr, and others.

Pretty much the hottest topics on KLOUT today I am in the top 5 or better FOR EVERY ONE!
Dallas 6

So if I put my head down I can become influential in whatever topic it may be with the help of some friends and me giving back!

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