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Social Media Resume

                   Social Media Resume What does your social media BODY OF WORK consist of? What is your social media resume? You see when people write a book about success or try to sell their trade secrets to you on how you will become rich the first thing anyone credible looks at is that persons own […]

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Going Viral On Social Media

                     Going Viral On Social Media OK it seems I may know what I am talking about as the people I have specifically trained are the exact people I see going viral on social media just like I showed them. That being said when I have time for my own networks I still like to […]

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How To Post On All Social Networks At Once

          How To Post ON All Social Networks At Once (BE SURE TO READ TO THE END OF ARTICLE I SHOW HOW I EARNED 250,000 IN 14 MONTHS USING THESE TACTICS)  FriendsPlus.Me is an interesting app that makes my life and managing all my clients networks 10 fold easier. It lets the user re post […]

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Promoted Pins On Pinterest

                Promoted Pins On Pinterest  Pinterest has started to include the use of promoted pins. Promoted pins will look more or less the same in fact you might not even realize you are looking at one. There will be a small “Promoted Pin”  at the bottom,under the photo and description. No news I could find […]

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Google+ is the future of search. (UPDATE)

Google+ is the future of search. (UPDATE) Justin MatthewJMHHACKER *denotes added content from original *Originally written in March looking pretty good! If you aren’t on Google+, YOU WILL BE IRRELEVANTIf you’ve been sitting on the sidelines waiting for Google+ to go away, forget it.  No serious marketer can afford to ignore Google Plus and authorship. […]

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Google Plus For Business

                              Google Plus for Business Over 6200 Plusses on business page JUSTIN MATTHEW 5/11/13 Google Plus for business is a necessary process if you want to get noticed. It is all about getting your business page noticed and having others add you to their profile feeds. The business benefits can be rewarding and I have […]

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             FIVERR LED TO A CAREER IN SOCIAL MEDIA Also a VERY successful career in micro services who would have thought over 110k in 1 year in fiverr. I will tell you the finest services companies or people can buy for the price. Oh this is me first time readers 🙂 OK my first […]

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Self Promotion in the Marketing World

                  Self Promotion in the Marketing World                    HERE ARE MY FIRST POSTS ON THIS BLOG 13 MONTHS AGO…. As you can see above one hit over 45,000 views not bad…some not so well but that is ok you keep […]

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How I went from 10 to 50,000 Views daily

      How I went from 10 to 50,000 Views daily           How I went from 10 to 50,000 Views daily OK so How does one seemingly come out of nowhere connect a blogger only because of Klout write an occasional article literally forget about the blog write another article to […]

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                                    FIVERR MANIA STRIKES TWICE By simply giving ATLCOMPUTERDUDE (username On Fiverr) some advice and a spot on my viral blog he went from 1 sale a month to 15 a day and on pace for 2400 the first month. He […]

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